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You can treat your patients more effectively with long-term success when you prescribe Perio Tray delivery of Perio Gel(1.7% hydrogen peroxide). The internal  peripheral seal on the Perio Tray  gets medication deep into periodontal pockets.


Research shows that adding Perio Tray  therapy to homecare leads to more significant pocket depth and bleeding reductions than in-office procedures alone. Become a Perio Protect provider today!  


Good candidates for Perio Tray  therapy from Perio Protect include patients with

  • gingivitis or periodontitis
  • implants or extensive restorations
  • high caries risks or xerostomia
  • desire for fresher breather and gentle whitening.

💸 Benefits for BEST Members 💸

Homecare Deluxe @ $230.95

Starter Kit @ $289

Perio Gel @ $12/tube

In addition to saving money as a BEST member, you will also have a new revenue stream with very little doctor time needed, so you can improve your practice while improving patient health. Add 2 patients a week and generate more than $70,000 in new revenue.

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Results Speak for Themselves
  "As a periodontist, I have tried just about every method of treating periodontal disease that makes scientific sense. The key to success is long-term maintenance. Perio Protect is the one treatment that I have utilized in the last five years that works. Perio Protect is easy for patients to use, which means high compliance and high compliance means lots of success. It has become part of my winning formula." Dr. Gordon Fraser
Reliable Results & Happy Patients
Rx the Perio Tray™ from Perio Protect have a special internal peripheral seal to deliver medication deep into periodontal pockets. Patients will quickly notice a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. You will see reductions in bleeding, inflammation, and pocket depths. Research supports these excellent results.
We make it easy to implement Perio Protect into your practice. Become a provider today!

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