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Perio Protect Claims Based in Science and Research

We see good results fast, in as little as two weeks:

  • This study also showed that use of the peroxide/prescription tray regimen for two weeks prior to SRP significantly decreased pocket depths and bleeding without mechanical intervention.(3)
  • Use of the tray/peroxide regimen for 2 weeks prior to SRP in this clinical trial also demonstrated significantly decreased pocket depths and bleeding prior to mechanical intervention. This finding
    supports the results of a previous trial.(1)
  • The results of this study demonstrated that the peroxide/prescription tray treatment regimen in combination with SRP was statistically significantly more effective than traditional SRP therapy alone in reducing pocket depths and bleeding both two weeks and 10 weeks after SRP. Moreover, the effectiveness of the peroxide/prescription tray system was manifested at all sites throughout the mouth, and encompassed both initial shallow (≤ 5 mm) and deep (> 5 mm) periodontal pockets.(3)
  • The effectiveness of daily treatment with 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel using prescription, custom-fabricated dental trays was evaluated in subjects with chronic periodontitis as an adjunct to a single scaling and root planing (SRP) procedure in a randomized, examiner-blind, parallel-design clinical trial over a period of 6 months. The results demonstrated that the prescription tray/peroxide gel treatment regimen in combination with SRP was statistically significantly more effective than traditional SRP therapy alone in reducing pocket depths at all post-SRP assessments (i.e. after 2, 10, and 23 weeks), corroborating the findings of an earlier trial with a different subject population and different clinical examiners. (1)

The results are long lasting:

  • Based on the results of this six-month study, prescription tray delivery of hydrogen peroxide is an adjunctive debridement therapy that was effective before and after full-mouth mechanical procedures in reducing PPD and BI, and in maintaining PPD improvements of ~1 mm over SRP alone for up to six months. General consensus in the periodontal literature is that a difference of 1 mm between treatments for pocket depth at initially deep sites is clinically relevant.(2)
  • Prescription tray delivery of 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel was effective at substantially reducing BOP at six months of use. Significantly, the BI reduction was not transitory, but lasted throughout the duration of this study (5 years). For clinicians, this reflects a meaningful improvement in the treatment of periodontal disease for refractory patients.(4)

The results are comprehensive, evidenced in shallow and deep pockets and in pockets around
restored sites:

  • In addition, as observed in the earlier trial, the effectiveness of the tray/peroxide regimen was manifested at all sites throughout the mouth, encompassing both initially deep (> 5 mm) and shallow (≤5 mm) periodontal pockets.(2)
  • Another important observation for this study was the lower percentage of sites with probing depths > 5mm after treatment for subjects using tray/peroxide adjunctive therapy as compared to SRP alone, which corroborates the findings of an earlier trial.(1)
  • A unique aspect of this trial was the evaluation of periodontal tissue associated with restored teeth and tooth surfaces. A similar pattern for probing depth changes to that for natural teeth was apparent.(1)
  • The loss of only one tooth to periodontal disease over the time frame of this study is clinically relevant. This loss represents an annual 0.0055 loss of teeth per year for restorative reasons and 0.00061 loss of teeth per year for periodontal reasons, assuming an average of three years for this study. There are several studies of 6.7 to 11.7 years recording the long-term effect of routine periodontal treatment. These studies report tooth loss in the range of 0.03 to 0.09 teeth per year. This observation deserves additional study, but the substantial difference is noteworthy, especially because the failing periodontal maintenance patients in this report risked tooth loss for periodontal reasons before the start of the adjunctive therapy.(4)

The results may help decrease need for antibiotic pre-medication:

One of the most important implications of this trial, which deserves additional research, is the decrease in BI for the test groups prior to SRP. Currently, the overuse of systemic antibiotics taken orally contributes to a public health crisis documented with the Centers for Disease Control. If prescription tray delivery of peroxides can help decrease bleeding before mechanical intervention, the cases requiring pre-medication before dental treatment may potentially be addressed without reliance on systemic antibiotics.  (1)

Perio Protect whitens teeth:

  • Using the Vita Shade Munsell Scoring system, patients using prescription Perio Tray therapy with 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel dropped from 8.02 to 5.95 in 5 weeks and further to 3.93 in 26 weeks concluding this study.(2)
  • Relative to the control, tooth whiteness improved progressively at each visit for both tray/peroxide treatment groups.(1)

Hydrogen peroxide decreases bacterial loads and is well known to reduce plaque:

  • In vitro results indicate that 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel breaks down the exopolysaccharide slime and cell walls of S. mutans, and begins to debride the cells from glass carriers within 10 minutes. Diffusion modeling indicates that hydrogen peroxide can penetrate into the deeper pockets (9 mm), but also its concentration in these deep pockets will increase over wearing time in the absence of degradation by peroxidases and catalase. Site sampling data confirm diffusion modeling results, with evidence that medication delivered with the prescription tray reduced subgingival bacterial loads and enhanced healing of corresponding oral tissues. (6)
  • Topical applications of peroxides, which are well known antimicrobials that can help reduce plaque and gingival inflammation can circumvent many of the limitations associated with LDAs. (1)

This 45-Minute Video Reviews the Research

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