Treating Periodontal Disease in the Post-Antibiotic Age

Give your patients and yourself a new lease on health in the post-antibiotic age. Offer prescription Perio Tray delivery of 1.7% hydrogen peroxide deep into the periodontal pockets. Perio Protect offers the only tray therapy with FDA clearance and clinical trial research. The deep delivery of peroxide, in just 10-15 minute increments, decreases the bacterial load and releases oxygen to create an environment for healthy bacteria to repopulate.


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Complete Care Kit - Save $350!

$547 | Training, First Case, Gel, Marketing

Personalized Training

$249 | First Case FREE

For those prizing flexibility and direct access to an expert instructor we offer a dedicated webinar for your team, on your schedule. We will meet your team to talk about what you are already doing in your practice and how Perio Tray™ therapy fits into those protocols.

Perio Protect is a Cellerant Best in Class Hygiene Award winner!

Since the inaugural presentation in 2009, the Best of Class Technology Awards have grown to occupy a unique space in the dental industry by creating awareness of manufacturers that are driving the discussion as to how practices will operate now and in the future.


Over the course of each year, panel members seek out and conduct research on potentially practice-changing technologies, with deliberations on nominees and final voting typically taking place in February. Panelists are precluded from voting in any category where they have consulting relationships. The entire selection process is conducted and managed on a not-for-profit basis and is transparent and rigorous.

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