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Empowering Patients to Treat and Prevent Disease

Perio Tray™ therapy from Perio Protect delivers medication deep below the gums so that the medication can fight infections causing the host inflammatory response. The seal on the tray is the key to deep delivery.


The primary antimicrobial used in Perio Tray™ delivery is Perio Gel™ with 1.7% hydrogen peroxide. This effective, broad-spectrum antimicrobial decreases our reliance on antibiotics and has the added benefits of freshening breath and whitening teeth. Patients love these benefits. 


Perio Tray™ therapy is offered most often to patients with gingivitis or periodontitis, but it is also  prescribed for patients with infected margins around restorations, with peri-implant mucositis or peri-implantitis.


Because Perio Tray™ therapy helps improve gingival health and prevent the recurrence of disease, it also extends the life of restorations, giving you optimal restorative results.


Perio Protect has the only tray delivery system with research to support these claims.

Results We Can Expect

"As a periodontist, I have tried just about every method of treating periodontal disease that makes scientific sense. The key to success is long-term maintenance. Perio Protect is the one treatment that I have utilized in the last five years that works. Perio Protect is easy for patients to use, which means high compliance and high compliance means lots of success."


Top image = day of surgery

Middle image = 3 months later & started Perio Protect

Bottom image = Perio Tray therapy 6 weeks later.


Dr. Gordon Fraser, Conyers GA

Optimal Restorative Results

Perio Tray™ therapy from Perio Protect extends the life of your restorative work by improving the health of gingival tissue. When patients need restorative work, starting treatment with Perio Tray™ therapy provides the healthiest tissue to support the restorations, as evidenced in Dr. Patricia Lugo's case study. 


Continuing Perio Tray™ homecare after restorations are completed helps keep the margins clean for longer lasting restorations.


It's just smart dentistry.

Patients with Implants are Great Candidates for Perio Protect
Patients with implants are 10x more likely to have the implant fail than to have their natural teeth fail, even in patients with treated chronic periodontitis. Help your patients protect their implants. Offer them Perio Tray™ therapy.

Reducing Oral Inflammation Improves General Health and Wellness

Periodontal disease is not just an inflammatory response to a bacterial infection that leads to tooth loss. It is a chronic inflammatory disease with multiple risk and modifying factors that prime individual patients to respond differently to biofilm-induced inflammation.


Patients can better manage oral inflammation with Perio Protect because the Perio Tray™ delivery of Perio Gel™ (1.7% hydrogen peroxide) suppresses pro-inflammatory gram-negative populations in the subgingival microbiome and encouraging the repopulation of healthier bacterial species. When delivered and held deep below the gums, peroxide works as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, physically disrupting the biofilm matrix that protects biofilm communities and lysing bacterial cell walls. 


Peroxide via Perio Tray™ delivery does more than just kill bacteria. Its release of oxygen – as it activates, peroxide turns into O2 + H2O – changes the microenvironment of the periodontal pocket so that healthy bacterial species repopulate at the expense of pathogenic ones. The environmental changes in the pockets thus have a direct effect on the changes in the composition of bacterial species in the microbiome.


Because periodontal disease plac a chronic low-grade burden on the immune system and exacerbates other inflammatory primed comorbidities like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis and others, it's important to treat at every stage. It's important to make Perio Protect an integral part of your protocols.

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