Getting the Team Involved is Key to Your Success

We've studied the offices that do the best with Perio Protect, and one commonality they have is getting Team Trays. The need for Team Trays is obvious to treat gingival inflammation. But even if team members don't have gingivitis or periodontitis, there are good reasons for Team Trays.


When your team members use Perio Trays themselves, they know how comfortable they are, when are good times to wear them, how much gel to put in the tray, how to take care of them, how clean their own mouths feel, and how fresh their breath becomes. Over time they can also talk about how white their teeth have become.


Getting Team Trays also gives your team the chance to practice taking impressions and working out the flow to deliver Perio Trays to patients. 


Team Trays are so beneficial that Perio Protect offers them at $139.95, which includes trays, 2 tubes of gel and shipping! Simply write TEAM TRAYS across the top of your script or in your digital Rx Notes field and the Perio Protect Laboratory will automatically apply this special pricing.


Canadian laboratories offer team trays free for doctors and at 15% discount for team members. Contact the labs to learn how to get this discount applied.


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