Two Protocols for Perio Tray Therapy

Controlled clinical trials demonstrate scientific support for prescribing Perio Tray therapy  in maintenance and in initial therapy; thus, there are two separate protocols depending on your patient needs. 


At the bottom of this page, you will find sample comprehensive patient protocols with in-office templates, the Perio Protect Treatment Guidelines, and a short instructional video for the Perio Tray delivery appointment. 


Here is a sample consent form for your review and use. 

Good Guidance for Treatment Sequencing

Templates of treatment plans are available so that you can insert you own fees:

**Important: These files automatically download to your computer. Please check your downloads on your computer to access the files

** Perio Protect thanks Dr. Michael Fulbright, Patti DiGangi and Dr. Alan Friedel for help formulating these plans.

Helpful Hints

  • 15 minutes is best, but 10 is beneficial. Wear trays for at least 10 minutes to get therapeutic benefit. It is fine to wear the trays longer than 15 minutes, but it doesn't produce better results.
  • Two 10-minute treatments are better than one 15-minute treatment. The more frequently the gel is applied deep into periodontal pockets (for at least 10 minutes), the faster the infection will resolve and the tissue will heal.
  • Long-term usage is designed for long-term disease remission. For patients with periodontitis, a Perio Tray is as important as a tooth brush for good oral health.
  • Remind patients that as the tissue heals, they can drop the frequency of usage.
  • Perio Tray therapy is not just fighting bacteria but the peroxide is releasing oxygen to create the right conditions for healthy bacteria to repopulate. The frequency of usage helps your body heal better.

Video Instructions

Starting Your Homecare Therapy (for patients)

Maintenance Protocol: 2 - 1

IRx Protocol: 3 - 2 - 1

Maintenance patients are obvious candidates for Perio Tray therapy. Prescribe Perio Tray usage 2x/day for 10-15 minutes for at least two weeks and, upon evaluation with improvement, drop patients to 1x/day.


Good news! Controlled clinical trials show that smokers do as well as non-smokers during maintenance therapy with Perio Protect.


A sample timeline after SRP:

  • SRP completed
  • 4 weeks later @ SRP recare, rechart and take impressions/scan
  • 3 weeks later deliver Perio Trays to patients (2 weeks later if digital scanner is used). Rx tray therapy 2x/day until D4910
  • 5 weeks later @ D4910, evaluate and drop to 1x/day with improvement. Document with photographs. Retreat or refer PRN.

A sample timeline after D4910:

  • Chart and take impressions/scan at D4910
  • 3 weeks later deliver Perio Trays to patients (2 weeks later if digital scanner is used). Rx tray therapy 2x/day for 2 weeks.
  • 2 weeks later, quick reeval to determine if patient can drop to
  • 1x/day. Document with photographs.
  • 7 weeks later @ D4910, evaluate and drop to 1x/day with improvement. Retreat or refer PRN.

The IRx (Initial Prescription) Protocol is the most innovative approach with Perio Protect. Perio Tray therapy gives you the option to treat the cause and debride the chronic wounds before acute care with scaling, lasers, or surgery is performed. 


The benefit of the IRx approach is the reduction of bleeding, inflammation and bacterial loads that will give you better visibility during your in-office procedures, make the procedures more comfortable for the patients (due to less inflammation), make the procedures faster and easier on the dental professional, and contribute to higher success rates for your treatment because you start with the healthiest tissue possible. 


Patients with comorbidity or who want to exhaust all non-surgical options before agreeing to surgery are excellent candidates for this approach. 


To make this easy, think in terms of 3 - 2 - 1: 3x/day, then 2x/day, then 1x/day. 


A sample timeline:

  • Diagnose, take impressions/scan.
  • 3 weeks later deliver Perio Trays and Gel to be used 3x/day for two weeks. (2 weeks later if digital scanner is used.)
  • 2 weeks later begin in-office procedures and drop tray usage to 2x/day between these appointments
  • x weeks later at recare, evaluate to drop to 1x/day, retreat isolated areas, or refer PRN.
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