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The Rx Perio Tray™ medicament carrier from Perio Protect has a special internal peripheral seal to deliver medication deep into periodontal pockets. Patients will quickly notice a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. You will see reductions in bleeding, inflammation, and pocket depths. Research supports these excellent results.
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Top 3 Reasons to Start Perio Protect Today!    

1. Improve Patient Care: Toothbrush, rinse and floss don't get deep enough to manage infections in pockets deeper than 3mm.  Prescribe Perio Tray™ therapy for home use and better biofilm management.


2. A Robust Immune System is Important for Patient Health and Wellness: It has always been important to treat gingival infections and inflammation, but the pandemic brought to light the importance of a healthy immune system. Perio Tray™ therapy reduces gingival infections and their chronic inflammatory burden on the immune system.


3. Solves Problems You're Having Now: Perio Tray™ therapy makes (hand) scaling easier and faster. The perio maintenance appointment will not be so hard on your body or on the patient. Everyone wins.

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