Research and Science
Refractory Maintenance
Prescription tray application of peroxide gel, as an adjunct to frequent periodontal maintenance appointments for refractory patients, demonstrated significant reductions in BOP for smokers and non-smokers who used tray delivery once or twice a day.
(J Clin Dent 2015;26:109–114)
Clinical Trial (Peroxide)
When compared with SRP alone, clinical improvements in PPD (e.g., ~1.0 mm for pockets > 5 mm at baseline) were maintained for up to six months after SRP with adjunctive use of 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel, locally administered using prescription customized trays in the treatment of subjects with moderate to advanced periodontitis.
(J Clin Dent 2013;24:100–107)
Clinical Trial (Peroxide + Doxy)
Customized prescription-tray application of peroxide gel (with or without doxycycline) as an adjunct before and after SRP benefited patients with moderate to advanced periodontitis.
(Am J Dent 2014;27:273-284)
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