Introducing PeriogelX®️
 The same great 1.7% hydrogen peroxide formula as the original Periogel but flavored with xylitol. PeriogelX is delivered via a Perio Tray deep below the gums to manage infections and inflammation for patients with gum disease
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Generate New Revenue

Add Perio Tray therapy to your practice for better results and generate more revenue. You can expect

    • 1 set a week is $38,400 new revenue
    • 2 sets a week is $76,800 new revenue

    • 3 sets a week is $115,200 new revenue
    • 4 sets a week is $153,600 new revenue
Results Speak for Themselves
  "As a periodontist, I have tried just about every method of treating periodontal disease that makes scientific sense. The key to success is long-term maintenance. Perio Protect is the one treatment that I have utilized in the last five years that works. Perio Protect is easy for patients to use, which means high compliance and high compliance means lots of success. It has become part of my winning formula." Dr. Gordon Fraser

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