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Fixed Ops Leadership
& Management

In Dealership Training

5 Key Areas of Focus in our Management/Leadership Training include how to: 


1. Motivate Technicians, Advisors, BDC and Parts personnel to exceed goals and expectations


2. Analyze your financial statement and evaluate areas of opportunity for growth and improvement


3. Build a Business Plan with established goals for increased Customer Retention and Profitability


4. Implement, execute and hold your personnel accountable to Customer First strategies…daily, weekly, monthly


5. Attract, recruit and train top performing technicians, advisors, BDC reps and parts personnel

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Motivate Employees and Hold Them Accountable to Consistently High Performance

  • Eight Steps to Success
  • The Power of Triangle Management
  • Necessary Attributes of a Manager
  • Goal Setting that breeds Success
  • Job Description for Managers
  • Directing Employees through Change
  • Understanding Comfort Zones
  • The Management Team’s Road To A Sale
  • Top Ten Reasons Managers Don’t Succeed
  • Eight Steps to Accountability

Business Plan Development to Grow Your Business

  • This Year vs. Last Year
  • Understanding the Variables
  • Three Ways to Increase Gross Profit
  • The Essential Eight Controllables for Maximum Profitability
  • Are your Expenses Too High? Is your Gross Profit Too Low? Or both?


Maximize Shop Productivity & Express Service Operations

  • Hire Top Performers vs. Underachievers
  • It’s Cheaper to Keep a Customer than Find a New One
  • Install Advanced Production Structures for
  • Increased Productivity
  • Install Parts Pricing Matrix and Variable Labor Grid
  • Install a Professionally Designed Maintenance Menu
  • Evaluate Quantity and Quality of Shop Equipment
  • Install a Quick Fix Express Service Team
  • Make your Business Plan your Company Policy
  • Hold Everyone Accountable for Compliance
  • You’re NOT Running a Democracy
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