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The New York SHIELD act goes into effect on March 21. It applies to any business that owns or licenses computerized data, which includes private information of NY residents. Because all employers retain this information – think employee social security numbers /  bank account numbers for direct deposit -- this impacts all NY businesses. The SHIELD Act requires businesses to develop, implement and maintain “reasonable safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity” of data by implementing administrative, technical and physical safeguards. Unsure if your business or those of your clients comply? Sandwire’s ComplyRely group provides compliance guidance, including specialized scans that meet the NY Shield Act / NIST standard.


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What We Do
  • Scan for Vulnerabilities: Review and test your network, devices, and other IT systems for any internal and external vulnerabilities. Mitigate risks ahead of time.
  • Implement Access Controls: Review and update list of employees to determine who has access to what, and whether each person’s level of access is necessary based upon their responsibilities.
  • Implement Cyber Training: Ensure employees are operating with cybersecurity best practices in mind. Training provides knowledge as to how to safely identify and respond to potential threats, such as phishing emails.
  • Review How Private Information is Stored / Disposed of:  When you’re done using personal and private data, you need to dispose of it in a responsible manner. This means electronic media must be erased or encrypted, so that it cannot be illegally accessed.
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