How to Increase Service Drive Gross Profits by $200K+ in just 3 months!
Take action now and learn how to Jump Start your Service and Parts Operation!
Dramatically increase Service and Parts gross profits by focusing on 3 critical areas:          Menus, MPIs and Selling Skills in the Drive. 
Examples and figures are given that demonstrate how to achieve an $800K gross profit improvement year over year, or more than $200K in 3 months.  
Menu Presentations
Building trust with your Service Drive customers and advising them on the proper care of their vehicle starts with an effective menu presentation.  Share the benefits of recommended maintenance services that allow your customers to make informed decisions in maintaining the safety and reliability of their vehicle.
Thorough MPIs
Do all of your customers, including your Express Service customers, get a thorough MPI when visiting your Service Department?  It' s a Win-Win when you perform a complete MPI on your customer's vehicle. . . your customer leaves knowing their vehicle has been thoroughly checked for any additional unforeseen repairs and your Service Dept. profitability improves dramatically as you advise customers of any safety/reliability issues.
Advisor Selling Skills
Most Service Advisors have never been given the tools and training they need to meet the sales expectations you're requiring of them in the service drive.  And when there's been no training, advisors wing it and end up hearing "No" when recommending maintenance or additional needed repairs.  Give them the professional training they deserve and make them top performing customer-retention specialists in your service drive!

Your Profit Potential... 

If you are like most dealers, you are shorting yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Service Drive ... and not optimizing CSI and Customer Retention. That's why it's so important to find out what your true service sales and profit potential is.  Click to find out more!

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