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Never underestimate the value of professional phone skills training to convert more incoming customer calls to appointments AND to generate more gross profits through outbound calling strategies. 

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Understanding Your Role Within the Service Department

  • Benefits of a BDC vs. Service Advisors
  • Important Terms in Service and Parts
  • Primary Mission when Answering the Phone
  • Information Calls and How to Handle Them
  • Addressing Customer Fears: Price and Diagnosis
  • Shocking Facts on Incoming Service Calls
  • The Value of Selling One More Appointment

Communicate Efficiently to Set More Appointments

  • 3 Factors in Communication
  • Phone Etiquette that puts your Customer FIRST
  • How to Control the Conversation on an Inbound Call
  • Active Listening
  • Challenges of Answering Service Calls
  • Why You Need a Script

The Importance of Scripts (and Writing Your Own!)

  • Script #1: Simple Greeting
  • Script #2: Vehicle Status
  • Script #3: Calling for an Appointment
  • Selling Additional Services on the Appointment Call
  • Script #4: Calling for a Price
  • Script #5: Calling for a Diagnosis
  • Script #6: Emergencies
  • Script #7: Warranty Coverage
  • Script #8: Closing every Appointment
  • Inbound Call: Customer Objections

Scheduling that Maximizes Shop Productivity

  • Formulas for Scheduling Appointments
  • Determining How Many Appointments are Available
  • Scheduling by Labor
  • Hours/Technicians/Appointments
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