Clients Have Saved Over $50M With Our Telecom Cost Savings Assessments

A Global Mining Company
Asked for assistance negotiating  their WAN agreements. As the result of a competitive RFP, they saved 51%,  and received substantially stronger SLAs in their new contracts. The end result was an annual savings of $3.3M.
A National Sales and Marketing Company
Engaged C3 to review all voice and data contracts. C3 performed a full contract negotiation, primarily AT&T and Verizon services. All new contracts, SLAs, and additional network capacity was procured by C3 and implemented by the providers. The end result of the C3 billing audit was $970K in annual savings, or $2.9M over the new 3-year term.  
A $5B Global Vehicle Manufacturing Company
Engaged C3 to review their fixed and wireless services. Through negotiations, their wireline voice and data contracts were benchmarked and negotiated to achieve a cost savings of 50%. The end result was an annual savings of $2M on their fixed services. The customer also saved 11% their wireless spend.  
A Major Domestic Hotel Chain
Requested a strategy to achieve competitive rates, a more responsive vendor account team, advanced voice solutions that the business required, and improved contract terms. A multi vendor RFP was issued. The end result was  savings of 40%, a new vendor and local account team, new terms,  and contractual language in addition to savings in excess of $1M. .
A national Tax Consulting Company 

Required a new data network. They received significant savings, a fully transformed data network that included an additional 45%  bandwidth capacity,  and new standardized agreements across all of their WAN providers. The end result was immediate savings of $1M, in additional to a new network and substantial additional network capacity.

A Global Fortune 200 Oil And Gas Company

Engaged C3 for a fixed audit of their US voice services. An audit and disconnect project provided a clean dial tone and LD inventory that was used to negotiate new contracts for these services. The end result was an annual savings of $1.740M and refunds of $146,000.

Large Pharmaceutical Company


Despite them utilizing Tangoe and Accenture to manage their mobility services, we were still able to cut $1.2M a year in costs and achieved this with no interference in their relationships with both parties.

A California Based University
Engaged C3 to audit their voice and data services and perform a contract compliance review against their State AT&T contracts.  After reviewing hundreds of voice and data accounts, C3 rerated their Long Distance and local dial tone services according to the state contract rates, rerated 20 + Optiman circuits, revised their Toll Free services and charges, and rerated incorrect billing on their long distance sub accounts. The end result was a annual savings of $1.135M and refunds of $45,000.
National fashion retailer with 1,000 locations

C3 ran a full sourcing bid on the customer’s voice and data network and services. Vendors were selected and new rates were implemented by C3. The end result was approximately $625,000 savings annually.

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