Patient Education Talking Points

When talking to patients, in addition to focusing on the comfort and efficacy of this convenient treatment, especially for patients with co-morbidities, and on its cosmetic benefits, please consider sharing these value talking points:


Our goals with Perio Tray therapy are to get your gums so healthy that you can


  • avoid losing bone and becoming a periodontal patient who has to come to the office every 3 month for cleanings
  • avoid another round of scaling in the future.
  • avoid surgery and additional loss of teeth.
  • keep your implants (or crowns) as healthy as possible so that they will last for your lifetime……..
  • approach others with confidence, knowing that you have a healthy, beautiful smile and the freshest breath of your life.

The point is that health has lasting financial value and improves our quality of life.


Oral Infection and the Immune System

Gum disease is a chronic tax on the immune system. Chronic infections and inflammation of the gingival tissues

  • make it harder for type 2 diabetics to manage blood sugar
  • lead to inflammation in the cells lining the arteries
  • speed up the progression of dementia

and there are so many other connections, including some cancers, ED, pulmonary diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and pregnancy complications.


Keeping Your Teeth

Gum disease is also the number one cause of tooth loss. Research shows that continuous lack of bleeding on probing was a 98% accurate predictor of no further periodontal damage.* It’s so important to keep your teeth. While our doctor does beautiful restorative work, its always best to keep your natural teeth when you can.


Side Effects

The best long-term treatment results come with prescription Perio Tray therapy. The side effects of the trays are the best! You’ll have whiter teeth and the fresher breath.



Be sure to refer to patient brochures, the chairside guide, the counter card, and the body poster as you talk to patients. These materials are included in the Perio Protect Starter Kit.


*Continuous lack of bleeding on probing was measured over 2.5 years according to Lang, Adler et al. Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 1990.


Additional Help for Office Teams

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