Critical Access Hospital Transitional Care: An essential partnership and pathway for Acute Care Hospitals to create desperately needed capacity during COVID-19 Pandemic

A 5-Part Webinar Series  for CAH's

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Pre-Series: NRHA Webinar, Thursday, March 19, 2020

CAH Transitional Care: An Essential Pathway for Acute-Care Hospitals to Create Needed Capacity During COVID-19 (Provides Overview of Series)



Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 1:00 CT


1. Ramping Up: Transitional Care During a Crisis: Basics Part 1

  • Key resources and roles to get started
  • getting connected to your referral hospitals
  • Addressing obstacles and balancing your existing bandwidth to meet all your needs
  • Application of best practices and CDC guidelines to CAH hospital swing bed programs



Wednesday, April 1, 1:00 CT


2. Ramping Up: Transitional Care During a Crisis: Basics Part 2

  • Transitional Care Team processes
  • Team communication
  • Transitional Care Bundle



Friday, April 3, 1:00 CT


3. Transitional Care Pearls and Case Studies (Fri April 3, 1:00 CT)

  • Provide case examples, types of patients that can be cared for in Transitional Care/swing bed
  • Provide practical examples of how to leverage your resources to help patients reach their greatest level of independence
  • Share key concepts to be successful



Tuesday, April 7, 1:00 CT


4. CAH/PPS Acute Hospital Collaboration & Communication (For both CAH and Acute Hospital key stakeholders)



Thursday, April 9, 1:00 CT


5. Mindfulness & Resiliency to Reduce Caregiver Burnout (MENDS)

About Allevant

Allevant, a joint venture between Mayo Clinic and Select Medical, helps Critical Access Hospitals thrive by developing post-acute Transitional Care programs using available Swing Beds. Focused on helping patients transition to their highest level of independence, Transitional Care is a program that involves the patient and family, makes available the full resources of the Critical Access Hospital and focuses on measured outcomes and evidence-based processes to ensure patients get the best care possible.


The Transitional Care Program is centered on teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Along with project management, staff training and education, a quality database, and process improvement; Allevant also provides marketing support and referral education to help Critical Access Hospitals grow their Swing Bed volume. Learn more at

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