Culture lives as a set of unwritten rules that can be used to solve many connected business challenges. It is uncovered in the difference between what you expect – the things you say you value – and what you actually tolerate.  

Culture impacts critical business functions such as: recruiting and retention, leadership and team development, strategic initiatives like mergers or restructuring, and brand, employee, and customer experiences.  


Once assessed and developed, culture can be the key to unlocking individual potential, team performance, and organizational strategy.


Join Theresa Agresta and Cynthia Forstmann, co-founders of CultureTalk, for a free webinar:

Make Culture Work:

5 Steps For Turning Culture Into a Tangible Business Tool
Wed | June 23rd | 12 PM ET

This webinar will share a proven process for measuring, managing, and leading organizations and teams through strategic initiatives with ease, including organizational and employment brands, M&A integration, change management, and more.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • How developing a profile of a unique organizational culture – and understanding how leaders and teams drive it – can help turn culture into a tangible business tool that helps you map critical decisions with intention, consistency, and transparency.

  • The ‘Cultural Archetype’ framework that provides a common language, making it easy to share strengths, discover blind spots, and develop organizational strategy, leaders and teams.

  • Concrete approaches to support leaders, teams, and organizations – as you strategically expand your services and scale your business.

  • How to create sustainable success and for both individual leadership and organizational culture.

  • Ways to distinguish your offer and drive measurable returns as you turn culture into a tangible business tool that reaches the bottom line.