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Quik Fix Express
In Dealership Training

Oil Change customers got you down?

Down in hours per RO?

Down in Sales per RO?

Down in Shop Productivity?

This course will:

  1. Identify your areas of profit opportunity in your express operations.
  2. Show you how to improve Express Service cycle time.
  3. Increase technician productivity.
  4. Achieve higher CSI and close more sales with your express customers!

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Benefits of Quik Fix vs. Conventional Express Operations

  • Decrease in-bay work time by 50% or more
  • Main shop efficiency goes up for main line work
  • Customers consistently in/out in 45 minutes or less!
  • CSI Scores Improve: customers in/out promptly
  • Increase shop workload – more vehicles, volume
  • Gross profit increases: more work and more accurate

Putting your Customer FIRST in your Express Services
starts with:

  • Understanding the Benefits of Quik Fix vs. Conventional Express Operations
  • Preparing an Express Service Trend Analysis
  • Comparing Current Staffing to Quik Fix Guide
  • Evaluating Current Equipment to Quik Fix Guide
  • Implementing Advanced Production Structures
  • Reducing Service Cycle Time
  • Increasing Technician Productivity
  • Installing Quik Fix Parts Inventory
  • Increasing RO Count
  • Increasing Sales Per RO
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction
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