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Provide the highest quality care and simultaneously build your practice with hygiene-driven dentistry. Register for PerioProtect2022 to review the latest scientific data, learn how to use Perio Tray™ therapy for implant care, understand the practical implementation steps to be successful, test case presentation ideas, and evaluate everyday business calculations.


We start Friday with Dr. Lou Graham, an engaging presenter whose scientific insights and clinical studies are relevant and applicable to your practice. Saturday features nutritionist Megan Barnett and one of the most successful Perio Protect providers, Charissa Wood, RDH. She excels at case acceptance and team performance.


Come to learn from the best. Come to PerioProtect2022

Our Speakers
Dr. Lou Graham

 Dr. Lou Graham

Dr. Duane Keller

Dr. Duane Keller

Charissa Wood, RDH

Charissa Wood, RDH

Megan Barnett

Megan Barnett

Courses Offered

Friday, October 7

7:30-8:30am:  Registration and Breakfast


8:30-10:30am: Hygiene-Driven Dentistry Session 1, Lou Graham DDS


10:30am-10:45am: Break


10:45-12:30pm: Hygiene-Driven Dentistry Session 2, Lou Graham DDS


12:30pm-1:30pm: Lunch


1:30-3:30pm: Implants: Solving Challenges and Maintaining Health Long Term, Lou Graham DDS


3:30-3:45pm: Break


3:45pm-5:30pm: Ask the Experts Part 1: Panel discussion with experienced and successful providers to help your team understand how to position Perio Tray therapy in your practice, how to talk to patients, and best practices for implementation.


7:00-10:00pm: Offsite PARTY with live music, food, drinks and firepit.



Saturday, October 8

7:30-8:30am: Breakfast


8:30-10:30am: Nutritional Strategies to Promote Post-Procedural Immune Health and Detoxification, Megan Barnett


10:30-10:45am: Break


10:45am-12:45pm: Start with the Need. The Opportunity is There. Charissa Wood, RDH


Perio Protect, LLC. Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by any regulatory authority, or AGD endorsement. 7/1/2021 to 5/31/2025. Provider ID 305521

Detailed Course Descriptions



Hygiene Driven Dentistry, Dr. Lou Graham

The obstacles and challenges we face day after day continue to change so fast in our profession. This course will dive deep into how you can resist signing up for PPO after PPO and how to transition your office for such. We then dive deep into how diagnostics and protocols have changed and why you must be open to grasping these changes to advance your practice with far greater treatment plan acceptance. From the new patient exam to hygiene re-care exams, learn how to create new protocols and case presentation strategies for far superior outcomes.



  • Review the latest approaches to running and growing your team and your business.
  • Update the team on the latest diagnostic approaches for a general dental practice. 
  • Learn the latest methodologies to compliment hygiene growth and how adjunctive therapies are bringing us far more success in treatment.

Implants: Solving Challenges and Maintaining Health Long Term, Dr. Lou Graham

Face the truth, not every implant is placed in the ideal position and not every patient has the ideal setting for the final restoration. The challenges can include access via limited vertical opening or limited vertical interocclusal distance or clearing up periodontal disease before treatment can begin.


Whether to utilize the traditional single screw one-piece approach, the cementable crown, or even the combination termed the hybrid approach, are all viable options in implant dentistry. As the restorative dentist, you must understand what your options for long term success. Treatment coordination and planning for optimum results often involves superior diagnostics utilizing CBCT imaging, and the latest options in digital scanning for communication with both the patient and lab and excellent patient homecare.



  • Why CBCT is for every GP
  • How to increase the patient saying "Yes" to treatment
  • Case presentations that are step by step to take back to the “chair” Monday. 
  • Which cement is the only biocompatible cement for implant cemented crown. 
  • Why the “flipper” really belong in the ocean for most cases. 
  • Stock abutments versus milled, oh be serious… 
  • Long term issues and maintenance approaches



Nutritional Strategies to Promote Post-Procedural Immune Health and Detoxification, Megan Bartnett

Dental providers have a unique opportunity to educate their patients about the impact of nutrition on their oral health. While traditionally, this advice may have been limited to factors such as sugar intake, research supports a much closer look at the connection between nutritional status and oral health outcomes.  Now, more than ever, providers are faced with the impact of poor nutritional status on health outcomes, putting the onus of nutritional counseling on the healthcare community, at large. Nutrition is the foundation of optimal immune function, tissue health, circulatory performance, detoxification efficiency, and microbial balance.  Targeted improvements in nutritional status prior to oral interventions can lead to significantly better outcomes.



  • Identify critical nutrition factors that prepare a patient for oral interventions and procedures
  • Understand nutrition strategies that support oral and gut-mediated microbial immune response
  • Use three simple tools to boost detoxification pathways for faster post-procedural recovery

Start with the Need. The Opportunity is There. Charissa Wood, RDH

The need and opportunity are clear: half of American adults have chronic periodontitis. By the time they reach 65, 70% of Americans are afflicted with a disease that is preventable. Most of them have co-morbidities. Millions more have gingivitis and also need your care. With Perio Protect, you can provide better homecare with better results and your office will benefit too. Simply focus on the need for early disease detection, treatment, and long-term sustainable health. 


We need to put patients’ oral health into a larger context of general wellness. Once we have this framework, we will workshop your goals for patient health, practice case presentation for easy delivery, and translate all of this into practice growth. 



  • Decide your standard of care and your number
  • Develop realistic goals for your hygiene team
  • Pick at least 3 strategies for case presentation to try in your office.


Speaker Bios

Dr. Lou Graham is an internationally recognized lecturer extensively involved in continuing education for dental professionals. His lectures focus on incorporating current clinical advancements through “conservative dentistry.” He emphasizes the same concepts he practices in Chicago, IL: dental health diagnosis, treatment plans for medically compromised patients, conservative treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and customized approaches to periodontal care, implants and laser dentistry.


Megan Barnett is an experienced functional medicine provider, nutritional coach, clinic owner, research writer, public speaker and educator with over eight years in the field of nutrition science and functional medicine. She has worked with Perio Protect provider Kelly Blodgett for several years identifying nutritional causes for patients to prevent and reverse chronic symptoms and promote health and longevity.


Charissa Wood, RDH has been a practicing dental hygiene for 25 years. She is especially passionate about the oral systemic connection and helping her patients cross from poor health to wellness! She has been an avid user and promoter of PerioTray™ therapy for the last 8 years, helping her patients achieve true health and wellness. In addition to providing patient care, she acts as the hygiene team lead for Atlanta Dental Spa, a four-location practice and has conducted practice consulting to elevate hygiene team systems and production in private practices. She also partners in leading Bulletproof Hygiene to build hygiene culture and champion the profession. Outside of dentistry, Charissa loves spending time with her husband, her two teenage boys, and friends and family. 

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