Patient Candidates and Your Standard of Care

Focusing on patient health and establishing a standard of care is the best way to select patients and implement Perio Protect. How much bleeding is acceptable in your practice? It's a serious question, and if you know the answer, you know who is a good candidate and why. Patients exhibiting bleeding over that threshold need your help.


At Perio Protect, our standard of care recommends Perio Tray™ therapy for patients with 10 or more bleeding points. You can pick your own number for your practice, but ten is a good start. Ten bleeding points means the infection is not isolated. You also don't want to watch a disease progress. The best way to manage periodontal disease is to catch and treat it early. When that is not possible, long-term remission is most successful with comprehensive homecare from Perio Protect.


The following cases also benefit from Perio Tray™ therapy:

Patients who refuse scaling or surgery

  • Patients with chronic systemic inflammation
  • Patients who have restorations with margins exhibiting bleeding
  • For comprehensive prevention (Perio Tray™ therapy will help prevent decay and gum disease) – especially for patients who are high caries risk.

Patients with Implants are Great Candidates for Perio Protect

Patients with implants are 10x more likely to have the implant fail that to have their natural teeth fail even in patients with treated chronic periodontitis. Help your patients keep their margins clean. Offer them Perio Tray™ therapy.


Your Fees and Your Cost

We recommend you present cost in one treatment plan instead of a la carte service. Most offices charge $400/arch. Please consider charging enough so that you can include 4 tubes of Perio Gel™.  At $800 a set, patients utilizing Care Credit pay $67/month for 12 months.


Templates of treatment plans are available allowing you to insert you own fees:

Patient Presentation

** Perio Protect thanks Dr. Michael Fulbright, Patti DiGangi and Dr. Alan Friedel for help formulating these plans.


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