Steps to Submit Your Case

1. Connect your Scanner or request a shipping label

2. Download an Rx form to enclose with your case or to send via the following:

3. Questions? Call us at 314-474-0467 or email

Lab Case Requirements

1. A model or scan that captures 4mm of tissue beyond the gingival margin.


3. Our AI upgrades in fabrication make your life easier. You no longer need to submit a probing chart! Please continue to let us know where implants and pontics are located.

Take Advantage of the Deluxe Bundle

The Deluxe Bundle from Perio Protect includes:

  • Upper and Lower Perio Tray
  • 3 tubes of Perio Gel or Perio GelX
  • Homecare Storage Caddy
  • Tube Squeeze
  • Custom Delivery Bag
  • Travel Case


to request an upgrade and save on your lab fee! Your Perio Protect consultant will contact you with full details.

Getting Team Trays is Key to Your Success

The most successful Perio Protect providers get Team Trays. When your team uses Perio Tray therapy, they know

  • how comfortable the trays are how clean their mouths feel
  • good wearing times
  • how much gel to use
  • how to clean trays
  • how fresh their breath is and how much whiter their teeth become.

Getting Team Trays also gives your team the chance to practice submitting a case and perfecting the workflow for patient delivery. 


Team Trays are so beneficial that Perio Protect offers them at $139.95, which includes trays, 2 tubes of gel and shipping! Simply write TEAM TRAYS across the top of your script or in your digital Rx Notes field, and the Perio Protect Laboratory will automatically apply this special pricing.

Tips to Achieve the Best Impression and Model Quality


What is the status of my case?

All cases have a digital alert sent to your e-mail address when we receive a case. If you aren't getting these alerts, please email or call 314-256-0772 and we will help. 


When will I receive my case back?

5-7 business days from date the case arrives at the lab. Scanning significantly shortens turn around time. Please remember your case will be delivered to the address that is on the script or associated with your scan.


How can I order Perio Gel™or Perio GelX?

Bundle and Save - Include 3 tubes of gel with every case and get the best price. Call 314-256-0772 or email to sign up,

Bulk Orders - Orders by the case should be placed online here.


What is the difference between Perio Gel™ and Perio GelX?

Both formulations contain 1.7% hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient and have a pleasant mint taste. The only difference is flavoring. Perio GelX™ is flavored with xylitol.


How do I get more shipping labels?

1. Check off the box on the bottom right of your lab script.

2. Email us to request labels.

3. Call 314-474-0467.


I need to schedule a pick-up

Call your local UPS or FedEx store or drop it off. We can send USPS labels upon request.


Question about promos, incentives, invoices or statements

This is all handled by the our Central Office. You can reach this team at 314-256-0772.


My patient lost their trays. Can they be remade? Is there a cost?

Any time patients need new trays (or just one new tray), the fee is discounted significantly. Please call for current pricing: 314-256-0772.


Should I use alginate or PVS impression material?

You can use any impression materials EXCEPT alginate substitutes. Simply follow the manufacturers guidelines. If you use alginate and pour your models, be sure to wrap them carefully to protect them in transit.


Why is our case on hold?

We put cases on hold when we have a question about the case, do not have enough anatomy captured to make a quality product, or when your account has a past due balance. Call 314-474-0467 for individual case questions. Call the central office at 314-256-0772 to pay an outstanding balance.


Have you received my case?

Please check your email to see if you received a case alert. The email contains a link that gives you access to a secure portal with tracking and notes. You will see all cases sent in the last 30 days.

**If you want to change this email address or didn't get the email, contact the central office at 314-256-0772.


What are your rush charges?

If you have need a case back the next day, a rush fee to cover expedited shipping will apply. Please call the lab for details: 314-474-0467.


Are there any discounts available to the team?

Yes! We offer team members 2 trays, kit, travel case and 2 tubes of gel for $139.95. Just write "TEAM TRAYS" on the Rx.

Perio Protect Lab:

phone: 314-474-0467

Jamie Spolar - Laboratory Manager


Central Office:

phone: 314-256-0772

Sydney Hankins- Admin/Support

Tanya Dunlap - Vice President of Sales


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