Results Speak for Themselves
  "As a periodontist, I have tried just about every method of treating periodontal disease that makes scientific sense. The key to success is long-term maintenance. Perio Protect is the one treatment that I have utilized in the last five years that works. Perio Protect is easy for patients to use, which means high compliance and high compliance means lots of success. It has become part of my winning formula." Dr. Gordon Fraser

Patient Candidates and Your Standard of Care

Focusing on patient health and establishing a standard of care is the best way to select patients and implement Perio Protect. How much bleeding is acceptable in your practice? It's a serious question, and if you know the answer, you know who is a good candidate for treatment and why.


At Perio Protect, we've talked to thousands of dental professionals and discovered a consensus that Perio Tray™ therapy is recommended for patients with 10 or more bleeding points. Not only is it important to treat active infection, but we need to intervene as early as possible. When early intervention is not possible, long-term remission is most successful with comprehensive homecare from Perio Protect.


The primary antimicrobial used in Perio Tray™ delivery is Perio Gel™ with 1.7% hydrogen peroxide. This effective, broad-spectrum antimicrobial decreases our reliance on antibiotics and has the added benefits of freshening breath and whitening teeth. Patients love these benefits.

Maintain Healthier Implants with Perio Protect

Patients with implants are 10x more likely to have the implant fail that to have their natural teeth fail even in patients with treated chronic periodontitis. Help your patients keep their margins clean. Offer them Perio Tray™ therapy.

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