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Service Advisor

5 Reasons DealerPRO’s Service Advisor Training results in greater overall department profitability. . .

1. Selling more service appointments over the phone means more work in the shop

2. Advising customers on safety and reliability equals increased sales per repair order

3. Professional communication and less dependency on discounting means improved labor and parts gross profit margins

4. Better selling skills in the lane results in higher technician productivity

5. Consistent, professional customer experiences keep the customer coming back, which means greater retention and higher CSI!

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Telephone Skills that
Sell More Appointments

  • Taking control of the conversation
  • Schedule to maximize Shop Productivity
  • How to handle price questions
  • Avoid diagnosing over the phone
  • Give information your customer needs and wants!
  • Procedure for emergency repair calls
  • Train your customer on preventive maintenance

Service Drive Process. . .  Advise Customer on Safety & Reliability

  • 10 Mistakes every Advisor must avoid
  • Advisor’s Daily Performance Goals
  • How to Use a Daily Checklist for Success
  • 12 Step Process for Advisors vs. Writers
  • Customized Write up Scripts
  • Preparing a proper estimate
  • Personalized Sales Presentations
  • Feature-Benefit Presentations with Menus & MPI Results
  • Maximize Technician Productivity

Selling Skills. . . and Overcoming Objections

  • Why Customers Buy Benefits not Features
  • Performance Driven Selling Skills
  • The Importance of Product Knowledge
  • How to TRAIN customers to maintain a reliable vehicle
  • Utilizing a Maintenance Menu for reliability and safety
  • Consistent Customer First Selling Techniques
  • Understanding the Source of Customer Objections
  • Overcoming Objections in the Drive
  • Value of Increasing Technician Productivity
  • The Effects of Proper Dispatching

Technical Awareness

  • Why Train Advisors on Technical Awareness
  • 21st Century Technology Terms & Acronyms
  • Understanding Different types of Engines
  • Starting and Charging Systems
  • Fuel Systems & Maintenance
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Engine Oil Services
  • Tires and the Law
  • Comparing Drive Train Systems
  • Steering and Suspension Systems
  • Brake systems
  • Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Vehicle Lighting Systems
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